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Resending your order to Mailstep

You are probably asking this question in two cases – there is an error, you correct it and need to send it there again and correctly (see the first solution) or you have activated sending later and need to send the orders there afterwards. In that case, look at the second solution.

The order should have been sent, but there was an error

If the submission to Mailstep fails, you will see a note in the order detail containing an order error that looks something like this:

Unsent order to Mailstep

You will be able to manually submit such an order to Mailstep (after correcting the error) using the red button in the Order Action column:

Resend order (red button on the right)

If you don’t see the order actions column on the order summary, you may need to enable it first in the Display Information Settings on the top right, see image below

Integration was active only after the order was created

If you have activated the Mailstep integration after the order has been created, you must repeat the change to the order status. You can find this in WooCommerce / Settings / Mailstep, about halfway through the Send to Mailstep settings.

Order status for shipment to Mailstep

If this status is active for the order, set another one there and then change it to the status for sending to Mailstep.

But remember that if you have it set to Processed, WooCommerce sends an email to the customer when it is sent. If you set it up a second time, it sends the email a second time.

But the problem described above has a rather prosaic solution:

  1. Select the Mailstep – Paid option in the Send to Mailstep settings, save the settings. You most likely do not have any email sending set up for this state.
  2. In the order overview, set the orders you want to send to Mailstep to this status – the orders will be sent immediately.
  3. In the Send to Mailstep settings, revert back to the state you had before.
Updated on December 11, 2023

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