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Troubleshooting Warehouse Synchronization Issues

Experiencing issues with warehouse synchronization between your WooCommerce site and Mailstep can be frustrating. This concise guide is designed to help you diagnose and address common problems effectively.

Step 1: Enable Logging

To start troubleshooting, you’ll want to make sure that logging is enabled. This is a crucial step as it lets you capture detailed information about the synchronization process, including any possible errors. For guidance on enabling logging, please follow the instructions in our Logging Guide.

Step 2: Verify WooCommerce Stock Management Settings

After enabling logging, your next step should be to ensure that WooCommerce is set up to manage stock levels. This setting is essential for proper synchronization with Mailstep.

You can check in WooCommerce Settings / Settings / Products / Inventory.

WooCommerce manage stock settings

Currently, WooCommerce handles a product’s stock status with the In Stock and Out of Stock flags. If you want to deal with the quantity of products in stock, you need to enable Stock at product level for each product.

WooCommerce stock management per product

For more detailed information about the behavior of the WooCommerce warehouse, see Vladi Musilek’s article here. You can use e.g. WooCommerce Stock Manager plugin.

Step 3: Manually Compare Stock Status

If discrepancies arise that aren’t explained by synchronization errors, manually comparing the stock status between WooCommerce and Mailstep can be beneficial.

If you want to verify that everything is correctly transferred from Mailstep to WooCommerce (without syncing), you can run a check and look at the log. The log will tell you if the status of the products in the two warehouses differs.

You can find it in WooCommerce / Status / Tools under the title Get Mailstep inventory sync info.

The statement also takes into account the items not yet in Mailstep (“Pending”, “On hold” and “Mailstep – incorrectly entered” (you can possibly edit the filter, see documentation).

Example of a log where everything is not synchronized (WC stock count + unsent order statuses)
Stock status OK, but one product does not have the synchronization of the number of stock pieces set (only in stock/out of stock)
Everything is currently synchronized

Step 4: Clearing the cache to synchronize the warehouse

If you need to clear the storage synchronization cache, i.e., if you want to update everything anew (not just the difference between the last and new stock), or if you need to restart the whole process, you can do so by pressing the button.

You can find it in WooCommerce / Status / Tools under the title Clean Mailstep inventory sync cache.

Now, you want to synchronize the stock again and maybe look at the stock comparison in step 3.

Following these steps should help you troubleshoot most warehouse synchronization issues effectively. Remember, the foundation of successful troubleshooting begins with enabling detailed logging and ensuring that WooCommerce is correctly managing stock levels.

Updated on April 10, 2024

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