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Download a beta version of the plugin

Only download beta versions if the plugin author has asked you to do so (e.g., to fix a problem you reported). The beta version is still a work in progress and may not be stable.

Allowing beta versions

  1. Go to your Freemius account(WooCommerce → Settings → Mailstep and Account tab)
  2. In the Version row, check the Join the Beta program box and confirm
Enable beta versions in account settings in plugin details

Download the new beta version

If a new beta version is available, you can install it immediately after enabling beta versions by pressing the Install Update button.

Install the available beta version

Alternatively, you can go to Dashboard → Updates and ask WP to check for updates.

Check again for available updates

Disabling beta versions

Follow the same procedure as in the Enable Beta versions section; uncheck the box.

On the live version, I recommend unchecking it once you have tested it – an already installed beta version with a possible fix will not be uninstalled.

Updated on November 21, 2022

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