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Debugging with Health Check

When something breaks down, it’s hard to figure out which plugin (or theme) is causing the error. One way to do this is to deactivate all of your plugins, and then activate them one by one until you encounter the problem, but this can break your site.

Instead, I recommend using Health Check plugin available in the wordpress.org repository:

  1. Install the plugin. (Go to Plugins → Add New → search “Health Check” and install it)
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Follow the troubleshooting procedure below.


Go to Tools → Site Health → Troubleshooting and click on Enable. If you want to end the troubleshooting mode, you need to disable it manually from the top menu admin dropdown or log out.

The Troubleshooting mode is now on. This has no effect on your site visitors, they will continue to view your site as usual, but for you, it will look as if you had just installed WordPress for the first time.

On the WP dashboard, you can enable individual plugins or themes, helping you to find out what might be causing strange behaviors on your site. Do note that any changes you make to settings will be kept when you disable Troubleshooting Mode.

Now enable only the plugins you need to test or debug (for example WooCommerce + the extension) and keep the default WP theme.

If the feature works, it’s likely to be a conflict in other plugins. Re-enable them one by one and find out when it breaks down again.

Updated on March 21, 2023

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